Accident Benefits

Regardless of fault, any person injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to bring a claim for accident benefits.

Claims can be made for medical, rehabilitation, and attendant care needs.  You may also seek caregiver, non-earner, or income replacement benefits.

Your potential coverage includes:

Accident BenefitsCoverage
Medical and Rehabilitation BenefitBase Coverage is up to $65,000 unless you have a “minor injury”, where benefits are capped at $3,500.However, if you suffered “catastrophic” injuries, you may be eligible to claim up to $1,000,000.
Attendant Care BenefitBase Coverage is $3,000 a month up to $65,000. However, if you suffered “catastrophic” injuries, you may be eligible for $6,000 a month up to $1,000,000.
Income Replacement BenefitBase Coverage is the lower of $400 per week or 70% of your gross earnings.
Non-Earner BenefitBase coverage is $185 per week.
Caregiver BenefitIf you suffered “catastrophic injuries,” base coverage is up to $250 per week for the first dependent in need of care, plus $50 per week for each additional dependent.
Lost Educational ExpensesBase coverage is up to $15,000.
Visitors ExpensesBase coverage is unlimited.
Damage to clothing, glasses, hearing aids or other medical devicesBase coverage is limited to the repair or replacement cost of the damaged items.
Housekeeping and Home Maintenance BenefitBase coverage is up to $100 per week but is available only if you suffered “catastrophic” injuries.
Death BenefitBase coverage is $25,000 to the deceased’s spouse in addition to $10,000 to each of the deceased’s dependents.
Funeral BenefitBase coverage is up to $6,000.

Accident benefit claims are usually brought against your own insurance company.  If you do not have an insurance policy, then you will have access to the insurance policy of another vehicle involved in the accident.  If no insurance policy is identified, then your claim will be made with the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

If you purchased the option to increase your accident benefits coverage from your insurer, you will be eligible to claim greater benefits than those described above.

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