Professional Negligence

Professionals are supposed to be experts in their field.  You rely on them to guide you through life’s challenging decisions.

When you work with a lawyer, engineer, accountant, health care practitioner, home inspector, builder, real estate agent, insurance broker, or any other person who has special expertise, courts recognize that you relied on that person’s advice.  If that professional gave bad advice, which caused you to suffer injuries, you may have a claim against that professional.

In order to prove your case, we will have to find another expert who works in the same field to give an opinion on whether the advice or services you obtained fell below what a reasonably competent expert would have provided.   If our expert agrees that you got bad advice or services, then you may have a lawsuit worth advancing.

Professional negligence claims can be complex, challenging, expensive, and time-consuming.  Like medical malpractice claims, many personal injury lawyers are afraid of pursuing these lawsuits.  Our philosophy is simple: if you were wronged, you deserve justice.  We rise to any challenge.

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