Car Accident

A second of carelessness can have devastating life-altering consequences. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, or a loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle accident, depending on the circumstances, you may have two potential claims.

First, you have a claim against your own, or another, insurance company for accident benefits.

Second, you might be able to bring a claim directly against the driver and owner of the vehicle that hit you.

Regardless of who is at fault for the collision, your accident benefits claim will entitle you to request payment for any reasonable and necessary medical, rehabilitation, and attendant care needs. Depending on your circumstances, you may also be eligible to request caregiver, non-earner, or income replacement benefits.

If you are not responsible for the accident, then you may also consider bringing a claim against the vehicle’s driver and owner who is at fault. For people who suffer serious and ongoing injuries, the court may award damages for pain and suffering, as well as for any losses not covered by your accident benefits claim. This may include future income losses, medical care costs, and housekeeping and home maintenance costs.

There are strict timelines. After an accident, you have:

• 7 days to contact the accident benefits insurance company
• 30 days to apply for accident benefits
• 120 days to give written notice that you intend to sue any at-fault drivers and owners
• 2 years to start a lawsuit

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